39th Annual (2022) Jazz’SAlive Commemorative Risograph Print

The 39th Annual Jazz’SAlive commemorative Risograph print is designed by self-taught, contemporary artist, Swerv O’ Harold. Named one of “20 creatives who are shaping the city’s artistic landscape,” by the San Antonio Current, Swerv’s work is influenced by Piet Parra, Keith Haring, and Modigliani. 

The primary objective of his acrylic, ink, and spray paint on canvas art is, “to draw the viewer in and evoke a strong, lasting, emotional attachment through minimalistic imagery that can be serious yet playful at the same time.” Swerv is also the creator of The Orange Noir street-fashion line.

Invented by Noboru Hayama, the Risograph printer was originally released in Japan in 1986. It provides a highly energy efficient and sustainable printing method using a cold process, soy-based nontoxic “Riso” ink, and plant fiber stencils. Fast and easy to use, the bulky, gray printer was originally intended for offices and schools. However, today’s artists with a curiosity for vintage technology have turned the Risograph into a printmaking phenomenon. Often described as a mix between screen printing and photocopying, the Risograph combines both digital and analog printing methods that create unique textures, vibrant colors, and slight imperfections making each print one of a kind.

Prints measure 11″ x 11″ and are available in blue or green. Printed locally by Swordfish Islands.