Walker Ranch Historic Landmark Park

What is now known as Walker Ranch Historic Landmark Park is part of a larger archaeologically significant site. The area near the confluence of Panther Springs Creek and Salado Creek represents a favored campsite revisited over thousands of years by hunting and gathering peoples apparently attracted by the availability of crucial resources such as water, plants, animals and lithic or stone materials.

The San Antonio Parks Foundation facilitated a monetary donation of $60,000 from the Kronkosky Charitable Foundation in 1999 which allowed for the addition of a new playground at the park. Churchill High School student volunteers assembled and installed the playground.

Also in 1999, the Parks Foundation facilitated the monetary gift of $217,000 from Ultramar Diamond Shamrock for the purchase of 33.4 acres of land acquisition along the Salado Creek abutting the park to provide linkage to future greenway trails.

In 2000, the Foundation made a $100,000 donation for the construction of an outdoor teaching facility in the park and in 2002 the foundation facilitated a $7,000 gift from the San Antonio Area Foundation for the park’s Landmark Windmill.